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Monday, June 24, 2013

Workout 167 - Summertime Workout!

Summer, summer, summertime!  Time to sit back and unwind...Summer, summer, summertime!  Time to sit back and unwind.  Sorry, couldn't resist but if you were a teenager in the 90s you understand you just can't think of Summer and not think of Will Smith's song Summertime!  Right?!

It's the theme to the workout this week because it's officially Summer.  Here is a workout to help you maintain your "hot" summer bodies!  (Will Smith video included at the bottom)

Complete this workout 3 times this week on non-consecutive days!!

Equipment Needed:  Dumbbells or weighted objects (whatever you have to use!!)  Use heavy weights because reps are lower.  Here's a reminder of why it is ok to use heavy weights why you should not fear heavy weights click on this link!!

Warm-Up (click on the exercise for video demo)
1 min each of:  Alt. knee raises (moving or in place), side shuffle (no med ball), inchworms, gate swings

Set # 1
10 pushups
10 side squats (each side and hold weight for higher intensity)
Repeat 3 times without stopping then rest for 30 secs 

Set # 2
10 single arm row in plank (each side)
10 backward lunge with jump (each side)
Repeat 3 times without stopping then rest for 30 secs                   

Superset # 3
10 bicep curls
10 superman planks (each side)
Repeat 3 times without stopping then rest for 30 secs 

Superset # 4
10 bench dips (add weight to lap if they are getting too easy!)

Repeat 3 times without stopping 
YOUR ARE DONE!!!  Cool down (walk around at slow pace and stretch to relax muscles and reduce heart rate) 

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