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Monday, March 18, 2013

Workout 158 - March Madness Workout

The NCAA basketball tourney (aka March Madness) starts this week so we decided to give you a basketball inspired workout!  Also included, the famous "One Shining Moment"song played at the end of the tournament.  Listen to the words and use it as motivation for your workout or for life in general...such a great message :)

Complete this workout 3 times this week with a day of rest in between.

Equipment:  Dumbell(s), No court required...

Warm - Up: 
1 min of the following:  
march or jog
inch worms
standing oblique twists 
drop step squat
30 sec walking on tip toes
30 sec walking on heels

1st half:
1 min - Play Defense (lateral side shuffle 4 over 4 back--get low w/ butt down like you are guarding!)
1 min - Lunges with dumbbell pass 
1 min - Slam Dunks (jump squats with a dunk)
1 min - Dumbbell Twists

Half-time:  take a water break for 1-2 minutes

2nd half:
1 min - Jump shots (jump and shoot with a side step in between)
1 min - Pushups
1 min - Quickfeet defense (quickfeet run, face different direction for variety)
1 min - Rolling Plank

End of Regulation - Rest 1 min
Repeat 2-3 more times (overtime!!)

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