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Monday, March 25, 2013

Workout 159 - Hoops

Warm - Up (1 minute each):
march or jog
inch worms
standing oblique twists
lunge w/ chest presses
clap hands in front / behind

Enjoy this March Madness inspired workout.  Adapt as necessary.

Progression Workout: (start with the first move than add exercise #2, then exercise #3)
1 min - Play Defense (lateral side shuffle 4 over 4 back--get low w/ butt down like you are guarding!)
1 min - Play Defense + Jumpshot (jump squat with side shuffle over, then jump squat side shuffle back)
1 min - Play Defense + Jumpshot + Burpee with 1 push-up (6 count)

Repeat workout 4 times with a 1 to 2 minute break between each round

Optional play:
Quickfeet 30 seconds / 20 plyometric lunges (10 each leg)
Do this for 3 minutes without breaking.


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