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Monday, April 8, 2013

Workout 161 - Spring Fever Workout!

Spring has finally sprung (or partially sprung) across the United States.  Warmer temperatures usually make people more motivated to workout, especially outside!  Here is a workout to guide you in your new found motivation :).  Complete the below workout 2-3 times (non-consecutive days) this week.

Coming soon...our summer workout plan!  That's right...swimsuits will make their appearance soon...YIKES!

Jog / Walk (utilize your sidewalk/driveway/parking lot) 2 mins
Standing oblique twists - 1min
Walkout Pushup - 1 min
Kick butt lunges - 1min

Complete each exercise for the time listed resting only 20-30 seconds rest between each.  At the end of the list rest 1-2 minutes and complete again 2 more times.  Please note, if you have NOT worked out all Winter, decrease the duration from 1 minute to 30 secs.  Easing yourself in to exercise is key in sticking to an exercise plan!!  It will help you be less sore.

1 Minute High Knee Run (travel forward if you have the space)
1 Minute Rolling Plank
1 Minute Diagonal Lunges (alternate sides)
1 Minute Knee-In Planks
1 Minute Push-ups

Rest and Repeat 1-2 more times!!

Cool down and do your favorite stretches for a muscle release!

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