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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Workout 162 - Run for Boston

Today, we encourage you to dig out a race t-shirt, put on a pair of running shoes and go out for a run in honor of the Boston Marathon tragedy.  We mourn with those who were affected and their families.

Here is an interval run (26 minutes in length for each mile of the marathon).  If you are running indoors on a treadmill, use the incline settings to add terrain.

heel toe walks (1 minute)
lunges with hip flexor stretch (1 minute)
side shuffle (1 minute each side)
5 inchworms

Time                   Pace                     Incline
0 - 5 minutes       Easy Jog               .5%
6 - 8 minutes       Fast Jog                2.0%
9 - 10 minutes     Easy Jog               .5%
11 - 14 minutes   Fast Jog                3.0%
15 - 17 minutes   Easy Jog               .5%
18 - 20 minutes   Run                       4.0%
21 - 22 minutes   Easy Jog               .5%
23 - 24 minutes   Sprint                    5.0
25 - 26 minutes   Easy Jog               .5%

Cool down with a light jog or walk, finish with stretching.

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