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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Workout 152 - Superbowl Shuffle

We are posting a day early...just in case you want to blast some calories before the big game (or eating fest) today!  If not, it also serves as a cure for your superbowl "hangover" tomorrow regardless of it being a food hangover or the other kind! ;)

Do this workout at least 3 times this week, on non-consecutive days.  On the off days, do 2 days of interval training for at least 20 minutes (for details click the word interval training).

You will need a set of dumbbells or something weighted for the bicep curls in this workout

Jog or march in place - 1 min
drop step squat  - 1 min (alt. sides)
walkout pushups - 1 min
butt kicker run - 1 min
standing oblique twist - 1 min

Perform each exercise for 1 min. performing as many reps as possible.  Rest in between each quarter for 1 minute.  Circuit is 12 minutes so if you are looking for a longer workout, repeat 2-3 times.  If one minute is too hard, cut it down to 30-45 secs (if you do this try to repeat the workout more than once)  And make sure you push yourself, this is the Superbowl!

1st Quarter
Quickfeet Run (run in place as fast as you can)
Squat Jumps (squats for low impact)
Rest 1 min

2nd Quarter
Superbowl Shuffle (lateral shuffle x 4)
Rolling planks
Reclined knee in's
Rest 1 min

3rd Quarter
High Knee Run
Bicep Curls
Rest 1 min

4th Quarter
Side plank dips (switch sides 1/2 way through)
Rest 1 min

In honor of our workout title, I've included a video of the super bowl shuffle :)

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