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Monday, February 25, 2013

Workout 155 - Red Carpet Workout

Did anyone have red carpet envy last night watching the Oscars?  While many of the stars go on "special diets" most of them also sweat it out with tough workouts.

The workout for this is week is designed to get your heart rate up and sculpt your "red carpet" muscles. Remember, hard work does pay off :)!!

Complete this workout 3 times this week on non-consecutive days.

Materials needed:  dumbbells and/or med ball (or a weighted object)

30 sec jog or march
30 sec kick butt lunges
30 sec plank walk
30 sec jumping jacks
30 sec side squats

Red Carpet Workout
1 min Side shuffle with med ball (or a weighted object of some sort)
1 min walkout pushups
1 min backward lunge with jump (switch legs at 30 sec)

rest 1 min

1 min speed skaters
1 min single arm row in plank (switch sides at 30 sec)
1 min bicep curls

rest 1 min

1 min squat press
1 min dips
1 min glute bridges (can do one-legged for a challenge)

rest 1 min and repeat all exercises again

Ab workout
10 side plank dips (each side)
20 reclined knee ins
30 bicycle crunches
40 sec plank
repeat again (as many times as you like/can!)

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