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Monday, February 11, 2013

Workout 153 - Valentines Day Workout

Whether you like Valentine's day or not, let's be honest we all like the candy and treats that go along with it!  Our workout this week will help you burn those "extra" calories but more importantly will get your heart pumping (which makes it stronger)!  Do the following workout 3 days this week on non-consecutive days.  

1 minute jog/march in place
1 minute lateral plank walk
1 minute gate swings
1 minute kick butt lunges
1 minute jumping jacks

30 sec plank to pushup
30 sec bicycle crunches
30 sec jumping lunges (regular lunges can be substituted)
Rest 30 sec - 1 min and repeat 2 more times (total of 3)

30 sec rolling planks
30 sec burpees with a long jump (instead of jumping straight up, long jump forward)
30 sec side squats
Rest 30 sec - 1 min and repeat 2 more times (total of 3)

30 sec speed skaters
30 sec dumbbell swings
30 sec plank
Rest 30 sec - 1 min and repeat 2 more times (total of 3)

Cool down by walking around and follow up with some stretching.

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