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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom - Summer Vacation Tips!

Make this Year’s Summer Vacation a Healthy One!  

Your bags are packed.  The itinerary is set.  Summer vacation has arrived!  It’s time to leave the hectic schedules in the rear-view mirror, relax and indulge.  Wait a minute!  You are taking time off from work, not your diet and exercise regimen! 

Most people on vacation feel they have a free “hall pass” to abandon all healthy habits.  So unless you want to return home from vacation to find out your pants in the closet have shrunk, the following are tips to make this year’s vacation a healthy one:

  •  Look for a hotel with a fitness center or fitness classes
  • Check with your gym and see if they have an "away" program, your membership may be valid in other cities!
  • Bring along an exercise band or do body weight exercises like squats, planks and pushups to maintain strength
  • Hike, swim, golf, or take the family for a long walk

  • Bring healthy snacks for the car or plane ride.  Most airports and gas stations offer few healthy options and it will save you some money.
  •  Only indulge once!  If you order an appetizer, don’t order dessert and vice versa.
  • Stay hydrated.  Make sure you get your daily allowance for water.  Most people become dehydrated while traveling.

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