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Monday, July 30, 2012

Workout 107 - Olympics Workout!

Olympic fever is here!  You hopefully had time to watch some olympic events this weekend, so now it's time to incorporate them into your workout!  The following circuit contains moves used in different sports.  Your goal is to earn a gold, silver or bronze medal by completing the specified number of rounds to medal.  Good luck!

Warm Up:  1 min jog/march, lateral plank walk, standing oblique twists, sumo squats 

30 secs each of:
basketball jump shots (basketball) (like a jump squat just add a shot on the top of your jump)
jabs (boxing)  (go as fast as you can!)
high knee sprints (track and field) (go as fast as you can!)
flutter kicks (swimming)
bicycle crunches (cycling)
rest 30 secs and repeat

8 rounds = gold
7 rounds = silver
6 rounds = bronze

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