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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Workout 102 - Ladder of Success

Equipment needed:  dumbbells

Warm Up:  1min jog/march, 1 min standing oblique twists, 1 min inch worms, 1 min squats, 1 min jumping jacks

Complete the following ladder without stopping:

1 burpee
2 star jumps
3 jumping lunges
4 squat presses
5 plank to pushup
4 squat presses
3 jumping lunges
2 star jumps
1 burpee

rest 30 secs then perform again repeatedly (including 30 sec breaks) for 8 minutes 

Then, move on to this ladder, this time just go up the ladder and then repeat from the bottom...

10 plank rows
15 reclined knee ins
20 bicycle crunches
25 upper cuts
30 jumping jacks

rest 30 secs then perform again repeatedly (including 30 sec breaks) for 8 minutes 

Bring heart rate down and stretch to release muscles.

Ladder of success is done!  (insert pat on the back)

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