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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Workout 106 - Tabata Makes ya Hotta!

We did a post a while back on Tabata intervals and the benefit from interval training.

We're back with another Tabata post.

Download this great FREE app for timing the Tabatas or use a Gym Boss timer.

Warm-up (thoroughly):
jog in place
Frankenstein kicks
standing oblique twists
heel / toe walks
butt kicks
high knee run
gate swingers

Each exercise: 20 seconds on / 20 seconds off - 8 rounds non-stop!!!

Squats (or squat jumps)
Bicycle Crunches

or create a Tabata workout with your own exercises.  Possibilities are endless.

Just remember that you should move as hard and as fast as you can.  Intervals are meant to only last 20 seconds(no longer).

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