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Monday, July 9, 2012

Workout 101 - I can't get enough

What does this song say?

"I can't get enough!!!, whooa, oh!"....Own this workout!
Listen while completing your Monday workout!  Hopefully you can't speak for the hangover part.

Warm-up (each 1 minute or more)
heel to toe walks
side lunges holding inner thigh stretch
jog in place or use your space
sumo squats
side plank walks

Workout (everything is 25 reps)

Round 1 (complete 3x with no break between exercises or rounds)
Squat to Overhead press with dumbbells
Plank rows
Bicep curls


Round 2 (complete 3x with no break between exercises or rounds)
Lunges with shoulder press
Side plank hip lifts (right)
Side plank hip lifts (left)


Round 3 (complete 3x with no break between exercises or rounds)
straight leg deadlifts
DB chest flyes
tricep push-ups

Try for another time(or two) through all 3 rounds if you have time.

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