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Monday, July 23, 2012

Workout 105 - circuit style

Circuit training is great for combining strength and aerobic components in the same short workout.
This workout will burn a TON of calories!

equipment needed: set of dumbbells

sumo squats
gate swingers
clap behind and in front


Circuit 1 (3x):
DB shoulder press (15 - 20 reps)
Bent over DB rows (15 - 20 reps)
1 minute Jumping Jacks

Circuit 2 (3x):
DB chest flyes (15 - 20 reps)
DB plank rows (15 - 20 reps each arm)
30 seconds Mountain Climbers

Circuit 3 (3x):
DB swings (20 reps)
DB woodchops (15 - 20 reps each side)
Crunches ( 30)
1 minute Squat Thrusts (aka burpees without the push-up)


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