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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Wisdom - Our Best Wellness Tips Yet!!!

I got a little disturbed yesterday when I read an article on Yahoo giving inaccurate fitness advice from none other than a celebrity fitness instructor.  While Sarah and I don't help "celebrities", we have spent the last 10 years helping those who need it most...you guys!  We are going to share the "secret tips" that we encourage our clients and patrons to use not to mention we use them ourselves!

Here they are:

Always take the stairs (at hotels, airports, malls).  I'm the person that walks on the escalator (I only use if stairs are not an option) like they are stairs.  Also, I never let any client/patron use an elevator unless they are physically unable to use the stairs.

Park your car far away.  Don't be the person that wastes 10 minutes driving around to find the closest parking place...you could have been inside already by parking further away.  The benefits equal you getting extra steps in and fewer door dings for your car because most people don't park far away.  It's a win, win situation!!  

Stop eating so much.  I lost those "last 5 lbs" by realizing when I wasn't hungry anymore during meals and I would actually stop eating.  I pushed myself away from the table and would put the rest away for another meal.  Yes, you may not be "completely full" but you can have a small snack later if you find yourself hungry.  You are still going to be better off and you will train yourself to eat less.  The few times a year I make myself miserably full I always think to myself how do people do this every. single. meal?!!

Exercise...a little a day goes a long way.  I rarely exercise for more than a hour.  The key is the frequency of at least 5 days/week.  Most days its only 30 min. but it takes consistency for this to work.  If you don't want to commit to frequency, you have to increase your duration. 

I ate a cupcake this morning. I'm not ashamed to admit it and I don't feel guilty about it either.  Why?  Because I don't eat a cupcake every day (I honestly don't remember the last time I had one, but it was delicious!!) and I know one cupcake isn't going to kill me.  I never restrict myself of any foods but I also don't overindulge in any foods.  It's called the power of self control!

If you crave something sweet, first try eating a piece of fruit.  Fruits get a bad rep from some health professionals, but the natural sugar in fruits is way better for you than the added sugars you are consuming in pretty much every processed sweet you eat.  I bet after a serving of fruit you aren't craving anything sweet!!!

Stop stressing so much.  Most people are wasting their lives away stressing about minor issues.  Stress has the same capability of increasing your risk for disease as physical inactivity or eating poorly does.  We must abide by the old cliche "Don't sweat the small stuff" and learn to manage our stress.  (By the way, exercise is a great way to manage your stress ;)

You don't NEED a gym.  One of the reasons we started this blog was to give helpful workouts that you could do with little or no equipment and without a gym.  Unless your gym is already on your way to and from somewhere think about the time you spend sitting in your car to get there.  Sometimes, drive time (sit time) could have been the workout....and we know you all are crunched for time as it is.

Pink dumbbells are dumb!  In order to increase muscle you must lift weights that are challenging enough to feel within a couple of reps.  Pick weights that will sufficiently challenge your muscles.  No, you will not get bulky!  Females especially have the concern of "bulking" up.  Females don't have the hormones to develop large, bulky muscles.  The more muscle you have the more calories you will burn at rest and the better your physique will look.

Crunches will not shrink your waistline.  Stop doing so many crunches.  In the class that I teach I always ask for requests.  One of them is always "more abs", meaning crunches.  *cringe*  REGULAR cardiovascular exercise combined with a solid overall weight training program and healthy diet will shrink your waistline.  P.S.  Planks, side planks, hovers, etc will help your core more than standard crunches.  Try those types of exercises instead of a gazillion crunches.

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