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Monday, January 14, 2013

Workout 149 - Exercise Checklist!

We have checklists for everything:  groceries, to-do lists, work tasks, so why not add an exercise checklist!!

Here is your workout checklist for the week!  We will repost on Thursday to remind you...cough cough...to complete this checklist at least 2 - 3 days this week on non-consecutive days to allow your muscles to rest.

We will also challenge you to do at least 2-3 days of 20-30 minutes of cardiovascular (get the heart rate pumping) activity.  Remember if you just started exercising this new year, don't overwhelm yourself!  If you are getting "hooked on exercise" like we hope, you may be ready to add another day or increase your activity.

Equipment Needed:  Dumbbells (or weights of some sort)

Warm Up

30 sec jog/march
30 sec inchworms
30 sec walking lunges with chest press
30 sec standing oblique twists
30 sec walk on tip toes
30 sec walk on heels
repeat again

Complete the following list of exercises.  You can do them in sets, try to do them all at once, or break them up by completing however many you can and then going to another exercise.  Just make sure you do them all, but take breaks as needed :).

50 push-ups
10 squat jumps
1 minute plank
15 burpees
25 side plank dips (right)
25 side plank dips (left)
100 bicycle crunches
25 single arm plank row (right)
25 single arm plank row (left)
100 uppercuts
50 jumping jacks
25 squat curls
1 minute high knee run
25 dips
25 DB swings


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