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Monday, January 28, 2013

Workout 151 - As Pleased As "Punch"

This week we have a boxing inspired workout to add variety to your program!  Punching is a great way to get your heart rate up which increases your cardiovascular endurance while melting away calories.  This "work" portion of this workout is 20 minutes long if you complete 2 rounds or 30 if you complete 30 rounds.  If you are ready to increase your workloads this week, try 3 rounds!!  If you are new to exercise, do 1 round.

Complete this workout 3 times this week (on non-consecutive days).  You may be a little bit source from the boxing moves so do some light cardio or yoga 2 other days this week.

Warm Up:  
30 sec frankenstein walk (alt straight legged kicks)
30 sec inch worms
30 sec easy squats

Push yourself as fast as you can on the exercise and recover during the jog/march:

30 sec jump rope / 30 march or jog
30 sec elbow smashes with shuffle /30 march or jog
30 sec mountain climbers30 march or jog
30 sec jumping jacks/ 30 march or jog
30 sec jump lunges (alt. lunges for low impact)/ 30 march or jog

rest 1 minute

Push yourself to punch as fast as you can = more effective.  You should not look like you are knocking on a door while punching.  You should look like Rocky going in for the knockout!

30 sec jab punchs / 30 sec pushups
30 sec upper cuts / 30 sec squat curls
30 sec speed bags / 30 sec dips

Rest and repeat at least one more time.  For an even longer workout, complete 2 more times!!

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