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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lower Body & Core Combo

To follow yesterday's upper body challenge, we have a lower body and core challenge.  You will not need equipment for these exercises.  Start out by doing squats.  Remember, feet start just outside the hips and sit back and down keeping your knees in-line with the toes and weight in the heels.  It should feel like you are going to sit back into a chair, but no sitting!  Following squats, hold a plank.  Planks can be performed on the elbows and toes or can be modified by dropping to the knees.  Make sure you draw the belly in, relax the shoulders and keep that butt down!

To increase the intensity, you can use weights with your squats!

The sequence of 2 exercises should follow this pattern:
15 squats, 15 sec plank hold
20 squats, 20 sec plank hold
25 squats, 25 sec plank hold
30 squats, 30 sec plank hold

You can repeat this x 2 or climb up the ladder to 30 and follow back down to 15!

If you missed yesterdays challenge, do both today!

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