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Monday, October 24, 2011

Workout 6 - PUMP-kin IT UP!

Workout 6 - PUMP-kin IT UP!

We are putting those pumpkins laying around this time of year as decorations to good use...Little did you know that it is a great tool for exercises.  Hopefully you haven't carved into them.  Save it for Thursdays workout too!  If you already have glowing pumpkin lanterns on the front porch, no problem, you can use dumbbells or a medicine ball for this weeks workouts.

Inchworms 1 minute
Frankenstein kicks 1 minute
Clap hands in front then behind 1 minute
Side shuffle 1 minute

Workout (use a pumpkin, the heavier it is, the harder this workout).  I used a 7.5lb pumpkin and it got HARD by the 5th round of the 2nd part of this workout.

1 minute of duck walks holding the pumpkin overhead (only have to do this once)

5 rounds of the following exercises:
  • alternating forward stepping lunges with twist over front knee.  Holding the pumpkin further away will make this harder. 15 reps each leg
  • single shoulder press overhead cradling the pumpkin in one hand.  15 reps each arm (lift one leg to add a balance challenge)
  • stork stance rows. 15 reps each leg lifted.
  • weighted crunches. 30 reps
  • overhead tricep extensions. 30 reps

All youtube videos for this week have the word "pumpkin" first in the title(making them easier to find...we hope!).

Enjoy this fun, seasonal workout!

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