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Friday, October 28, 2011


Trick OR Treat (3)

It's our final trick or treat post....
This time we are talking about....BOOZE!  
We know that there are a lot of parties this weekend and how tricky it can be to choose the right drink that won't damage your entire caloric deficit for the week.  So, we are here to help!


So, yes, these do have less calories and less carbohydrates but also less ALCOHOL!  MGD 64 only has 2.8% alcohol.  Drink these ultra low calorie beers all you want but know that you are drinking beer that has less alcohol and drinking more of them to get the same effects as darker beers.


Octoberfest!!!!...HOW FESTIVE and only available this time of year!  Not only that, but it has the buzz you will seek in fewer drinks. 187 calories in one beer but is 5.4%ABW.  Yes, you are still consuming more calories with this darker beer but apparently even Dr. Oz is behind drinking dark beer over light(for health reasons). click here

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