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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Workout 2 - It's Just a Phase

Thursday Oct 13

Materials needed: clock or timer, chair, bench, table or ledge for dips and weights are optional

If you are unfamiliar with the exercises, check out our You-Tube station on the tab above (or link below) for exercise demos!

Dynamic Warm-Up (5 min total)
1 min march or jog in place
1 min standing oblique twists
1 min alternating lunge with chest press
1 min butt kicker run (pump arms)
1 min walk around on tip toes

Phase 1
X-men jumping jacks
Plank knee in's
Squat jumps (lower impact do squats)

Rest 1 minute--then on to phase 2!

Phase 2
Burpee's (modify as needed)
Alternating side squats (option to hold weight)
High knee run

Rest 1 minute--then on to round 2! 

Complete the exercises in phase 1 and 2 for a duration of 20 secs with listed breaks after each phase. Repeat a second round increasing duration to 30 secs. If you are up for it, repeat a third round increasing duration to 40 secs. After round 3, make sure you safely bring the heart rate back down by walking around for 3-5 minutes.  If you are new to exercise you may chose to do all 3 rounds at the duration of 20 secs.  Modify as needed to fit your needs and exercise level!

Give yourself a pat on the back...you're done...until Saturday :)

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