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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom - Nutrition Mistakes!

Having problems getting the results you desire?  Read on to see if you are making some of the top nutritional mistakes (ACE Fitness).

1.    Skipping breakfast.  Skip breakfast and you'll be more hungry later.  Before you skip, think of the last time you ate (the night before) and see if you think it's a good idea to go that long without energy (aka food).  Don't like breakfast?  Have something small, anything is better than nothing (strive for healthy options!)

2.    Not eating before a workout.  Try eating a small snack before your workout consisting of carbs, a little fat and some protein.  Remember, don't eat too much because your body will be stealing the blood for those working muscles leaving little for digestion (aka stomach ache!)

3.    Waiting too long after exercise to eat.  Refuel within 2 hours of exercise with a meal consisting of protein and carbs.  This will help you recover from your workout and get your prepared for your next one!

4.    Replacing meals with energy bars or replacement drinks.  Most energy bars include too much sugar and really don't offer that many nutrients and replacement drinks may lack adequate fiber.  See number 3 for what to eat.  Whole foods are still the golden rule...don't let society's need for "quick" everything get to you!

5.    Eating too much protein and not enough carbs.  Carbohydrates provide a major source of energy for workouts, protein rebuilds.  Don't deprive yourself or overload yourself with either.  Intake guidelines daily are approximately 20-35% fat, 10-35% protein, and carbohydrates 45-65%.  Please note the high ranges on those are for very active individuals.  If you are diabetic, have kidney disease or require a special diet please consult your health care provider. 

Stay tuned for 5 more nutrition mistakes next Wednesday!

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