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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom - Nutrition Mistakes! Part 2

Continuing our tips on nutrition mistakes from last Wednesday.  Were you surprised by any or was it old news?  Either way, here are 5 more!
If you missed out on 1-5, follow this link Nutrition Mistakes 1-5.

6.    Trusting the accuracy of dietary supplement labels and claims.  The FDA regulates our food, prescription drugs and over the counter drugs very carefully (it takes years for prescription drugs to hit the shelves).  Supplements, vitamins and minerals, etc are under a different set of regulations leaving it up to the manufacturer to insure the ingredients are safe.  Research the product before you put it into your body.  Good news, if enough harm is done with a product the FDA will pull it off shelves, hopefully before it is too late.  There is a reason the supplement business is a billion dollar industry.  For more info on FDA regulations of supplements click here.

7.    Not consuming the right amount of calories for the amount of activity you do (i.e., too many or too few).  Most people underestimated the amount of calories they eat and overestimate the calories they burn with exercise.  Not a good combo.  Some people exercise and don't eat enough.  Don't go below 1200 calories/day (ACSM) especially if you are moderately active or more.  Here is a chart to help you estimate the calories you should intake based on activity levels (click here).  Remember, food is energy for your body!

8.    Believing that exercise means you can eat whatever you want.  Just because you killed that hour spinning class doesn't give you the green light to eat the party sub that Michael Phelps devours in that subway commercial (he burns thousands of calories per day...he has the green light!).  This tip is probably the one people struggle with the most.  Some can get away with maintaining weight using this concept, but most will find they still gain even though they are exercising.  If your goal is to lose weight, you still need to monitor calories regardless of you activity level.   
  1. Not drinking the right amount of fluids.  Make sure you intake the proper amount of fluids daily.  Unfortunately, most Americans are not picking the right kind of fluids.  Water is your best option as it is a key ingredient in vital function of organs and body systems.  For more details on how much water you should intake click here.
  1. Jumping on the latest diet craze in search of that elusive “edge.”    Most "diets" restrict people from some form of key nutrients (carbs, fruit, dairy just to name a few).  If you can't make the change to your diet for life (yes, forever), we suggest skipping the craze.  Once you starting eating "normal" again, you will regain what you've lost and usually much much more. 
(ACE Fitness provided tip topics, background info provided by Fit4a6pack)

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