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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Motivator...Carrie Underwood's Legs!

Anybody watch the CMA music festival last night?  Chances are you were impressed by Carrie Underwood's legs...social media was blowing up over them!  We are going to give you a special leg workout so you too can have Carrie's legs.  The one thing it will take is a couple extra reps after your legs catch fire.  When you start feeling the burn (fatigue) that is when you start changing the shape of your legs.  So try the leg exercises below and push yourself beyond the limit.  If the number of reps below don't get you to that point, add a couple more or add a weight (hold one).

Make sure you warm up your legs prior to performing the following exercises (check out one of our warm-ups on our regular workouts).

10 Squats 80-20 on right leg (put 80% of your weight on 1 leg and 20% on the other-don't let knee go over toes)
10 Squats 80-20 on left leg
10 Jump lunges (10 on each leg)
10 bottom half lunges (10 on each leg)

Rest 30 secs and repeat for a total of 3 sets (increase as 3 becomes easy up to 5).  If 10 reps isn't enough try 12, 15, or even 20 and do 3 sets. Perform these exercises every other day and then go buy your little shorts like Carrie's and show off your legs!

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