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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Workout 125 - Hut-Hike!

I heard from a few of you about how much you liked the football inspired workout so here we go again with a few different exercises this time!
Warm Up (these are very similar to warm up exercises of football players!)
30 sec high knee run (travel with both of these)
30 sec butt kickers
1 min inch worms
1 min side shuffle
1 min gate swings


The numbers below represent the 10 yard lines on the field.

10 burpees

20 dips
30 squats (jump squats if you are up for it)

40 mountain climbers

50 seconds of High Knee run in place (think of this as the tire drill)
40 plyometric (jumping) lunges
30 3-step power speed skaters

20 push-ups to side plank
10 star jumps



  1. Just did this workout in my hotel room...Sarah way to get our heart rates up and our legs smoking!!! Have a great Saturday all!

  2. I tried to think of a different format but why mess with a good thing? I love this workout! :) Can you believe it's fall today? I feel a pumpkin workout coming on soon!


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