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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom - Simple Tips

I don't know what it is about fall...

It makes me(Sarah) more motivated to workout and puts a fresh spin on things.  It feels like a new start and, of course, awesome weather for working out outdoors.  (No more 115 degree days!)

If you feel like me, here are some simple tips to propel forward with your fitness goals.

1. Set a goal date.   Pick a realistic date and put your goal on the calendar.  Weight loss, running distance, whatever....it needs to be written down to make it more powerful and meaningful.  There are a lot of runs in the fall that are great for setting a running goal.

2.  Tell someone else your plans.  Now that you have set a goal and a date, tell a friend, coworker, or partner.  This will make it more realistic.  Yes, that means more pressure to stick to it(but that's the point).

3.  Spend time and set up a plan.  Plan each and every workout to ensure they will get you closer to your goal.  Avoid going to the gym to do the same old workout, plan something new, research. 

4.  Write everything down.  Journal and track everything from workouts to food intake.  What is measured can be managed.  It's much easier to see what is going right (or wrong) when it is written out.

5.  Refuel and Refresh.  Fuel your body with what is healthy for greater gains in fitness.  Your workouts are not an excuse to indulge.  Refresh your mind by gifting yourself quiet time.  Your body needs relaxation just as much as it needs stimulating workouts.  Listen and adapt to what it is asking for.


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