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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Workout 122 - Touchdown!

It's college game day! I (Allison) am the wife of a college football coach so I get a little excited about game day.  My ritual is to get up and get a great workout in before I head to a game (part of my reason, I'll be sitting in bleachers for 3+ hours!).

Lets spend a few hours this morning to get you game day ready!!

Warm Up (these are very similar to warm up exercises of football players!)
30 sec high knee run (travel with both of these)
30 sec butt kickers
1 min inch worms
1 min lunge w/chest press
1 min gate swings

Workout - we are going for a touchdown starting at the 10 yard line (each number following represents a yard line on a football field) so each yard line you pass you will have a specific exercise to do!

10 burpees
20 pushups
30 squats (jump squats if you are up for it)
40 mountain climbers
50 bicycle crunches (each side)
40 cross punches (each side)
30 speed skaters
20 dips
10 star jumps

Cool down, stretch, grab some water, hit the showers!!

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