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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom

In the mood to decorate for the holidays?  Make it a workout too! 

We're not talking about a full on sweat.  Read on.

One tip for burning a few extra calories while decorating is to place your storage tub of decorations across the room from where you are working.  Take just an item or two at a time from the box to place where you would like.  Those extra trips across the room will add up.  It will also give you plenty of time to enjoy your work from across the room as you reach in the box for more decorations.  The more you decorations you put up, the more time you will spend moving. 

If decorating isn't your thing, holiday shopping is another great way to add extra steps and increase non-exercise activity thermogensis(NEAT).  

  • Instead of heading to the mall with a targeted agenda and parking in a close spot (if that's even possible this time of year), choose to park at the back of the lot.  
  • Do some window shopping before you start your shopping agenda.  It's a great way to clear your head and get some "fun" movement for the day while you eyes are entertained.  Make sure to wear your comfy shoes!
  • Meeting a friend?  Go early and walk / window shop before they arrive.  An extra 15 minutes of walking will burn around 50 calories.  
We plan to post more suggestions to keep you looking your best during the holidays!

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