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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom

Stress Less

During the holidays it's easy to feel overwhelmed for many reasons.

Here are some tips to keep your cool:

  • Lean how to say "no" to requests that bring on more than you can handle.  You don't have to make it to every get together you are invited to.  You don't have to help others shop (even though you may be the best gift-picker-outter ever!).
  • Focus on the Positive.  Set realistic expectations for the season.  If you set the bar too high, you may end up disappointed or be miserable trying to reach what was set.
  • Share feelings with close friends or family members.  Simply sharing feelings with friends and loved ones can help us to feel better.
  • Find comfort and joy in the small things.  Have something that makes your day? Maybe it's sewing, reading the newspaper, or simply sitting quietly with a cup of coffee.  Do it!!!
  • The Green Dot.  Place a green dot on your phone.  Use it as a reminder, when reaching for the phone, to take a deep, relaxing breath before your conversation.  You will sound and be less stressed on the phone.
  • Spend responsibly.  Set a budget for spending and stick to it.

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