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Monday, November 12, 2012

Workout 136 - Where Did the Weekend Go?

Doesn't it seem like the weekend flies by and the work week rears its ugly head way too early?  Jumpstart your Monday with a workout OR finish the day with some stress relief.

We are still encouraging you to do the Jeans on lower body and core workout.  We've added another short segment to it today.  

1 min march/jog
1 min drop step squats
1 min butt kicker run (knees should brush the butt-hence butt kicker ;)
1 min cross punches
1 min side shuffle

Jeans On Workout:
1 min diagonal lunges (alternating sides)
1 min side step ups (instead of stepping up forward, step up sideways and step back down)  (30sec each side)
1 min backward lunge with jump (30 sec each side)
1 min wall sit (sit against wall with knees at 90 degrees, weight in the heels, no hands resting on legs--that's cheating!)

rest 1 min

30 sec superman planks
30 sec reclined knee ins
30 sec plank
30 sec side plank dips (do both sides)

rest 1 min and repeat (total of 3 sets)

Add in the following:
5 minute cardio blast of interval training.  Pick one of the following exercises and do 30 secs of the exercise followed by 30 secs of rest.  Repeat this for 5 minutes straight.

Choose from the following exercises (just pick one):
Burpees, jumping jacks, star jumps, speed skaters

Cool down by walking 3 minutes.

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