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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom - Water

Summer is officially here (just ask the thermometer) so it's time to really pay attention to your water intake!  Here are some facts about water and some guidelines during exercise:

Water Comprises:
      ~ 60% of male’s total body weight (varies)
      ~ 50% of a woman’s total body weight (varies)

Functions of Water:
      Regulates body temperature
      Maintains blood pressure
      Provides transportation between and delivery to the body’s various tissues
      Lubricates the joints
      Lessens the burden on kidneys by flushing out waste products in the body
      Protects body organs and tissues
      Helps dissolve mineral and nutrients to make them accessible to the body

Water is lost from:
    1. Evaporation from the skin (sweating)
    2. Evaporation from the respiratory tract (breathing)
    3. Excretion from the kidneys (largest amount is here)
    4. Excretion from the large intestine
ACSM Recommendations for Water Consumption and Exercise
Before Exercise
(2 h before)
consume 14 to 22 oz of fluid to provide adequate hydration and allow time for excretion of excess water
During Exercise
Consume 6 to 12 oz of fluid every 15-20 min starting at the beginning of exercise
After Exercise
Consume adequate fluids to replace sweat losses during exercise.  Volume should be at least 16-24 oz of fluid per pound of body weight lost during exercise

And most importantly, it's calorie free!!!

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