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Monday, June 25, 2012

Workout 97 - BACK to the work week

jog/march in place (or use your space if you have it)
side shuffle
standing oblique twists
heel toe walks

equipment needed: 1 set of dumbbells

Workout (designed to challenge your core and back muscles)
Rest between circuits but not between exercises.
If you need, you may complete the circuits 2 times or just 1 time each.

circuit 1 (complete 3 times)
reverse plank 1 minute
push-up with half burpee (1 minute)
mountain climbers (1 minute)

circuit 2 (complete 3 times)
plank rows (30 seconds each arm)
bicycle crunches (1 minute)
on stomach lift legs and do flutter kicks (swimmers)  move from the hip not the knees (1 minute)

circuit 3 (complete 3 times)
dumbbell wood chops (10 reps each side)
reverse dumbbell flyes (1 minute)
stork stance dumbbell rows (30 seconds each leg)

Cool down.

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