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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Workout 98 - Hot Hot Hot!

A majority of the US is hot right now, so make sure you find a nice cool place for this workout!

Equipment needed:  dumbbells

Warm Up - 1 min standing oblique twists, 30 sec butt kickers, 30 seconds high knee, 1 min inch worms, 1 min lunges with chest press arms

Round 1
30 sec dumbbell Swings
30 sec diagonal lunges (step out at an angle instead of out in front--alternate legs)
30 sec plank knee ins
repeat x3 with no breaks

rest 1-2 minutes

Round 2
30 sec pushups
30 sec jumping jacks
30 sec plank hip dips
repeat x3 with no breaks

rest 1-2 minutes

Then...heart rate peak!
30 secs Burpee's (modify as needed)
30 secs rest
repeat x 5 rounds consecutively

Cool down and stretch.  And make sure you have some water to replace all those lost fluids!!  For more info on how much water you should be drinking (click here)!

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