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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Workout 131 - Happy Birthday to Us!

It's official, we've been blogging for one year now!  Let's bust out the cake and celebrate...or let's celebrate fit 4 a 6 pack style...with a workout :).

We look forward to our next year providing information and workouts for you.  We've posted 130 workouts in one year...that should definitely be keeping you busy!!

As always, we encourage you to comment or send an email with any feedback you have to us!!  We love hearing your thoughts and also your success stories.  The more you give us, the more we will be able to give back to you!!  Also, we'd love it if you shared our blog with all your friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, you get the drift.  Share it via Facebook, word of mouth, tweet, however you like to spread the word!!

Warm Up:  jog/march 1 min, standing oblique twists 1 min, gate swings 1 min, walking lunges with chest press 1 min, lateral plank walk 1 min

We are turning 1 today so all exercises will be performed for 1 minute each (try to do it without stopping, but as always modify as needed.)

B -  Burpees
I  -  Inch worms
R -  Reverse lunges (aka backward lunges)
T -  Tricep Pushups
H -  High Knee Run
D -  Duck walk (hold weight or pumpkin if you have it already!)
A -  Ab exercise of your choice (sit-ups, plank, bicycle crunches, or your favorite ab exercise!)
Y -  Y raises (see pic below--raise arms up from resting floor position into a "Y", hold and then release)

Rest after round 1 and complete the circuit again.  It's like going back for more cake :).
For a longer workout, complete 3 rounds!

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