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Monday, October 15, 2012

Workout 135 - Always on Time

Equipment Needed:  Timer (or watch, clock), Medium Weight for Overhead Press

Warm Up:
1 min butt kicker run
1 min drop step squats
1 min cross punches
1 min side shuffle
30 sec walk on tip toes/ 30 sec walk on heels

You will need to keep track of time for each round.  Complete 10 reps of the following exercises without stopping.  Each round your goal is to perform them as fast as you did the time before (safely, without losing proper form). 

10 reps of:
Squat Jumps (or squats to lessen impact)
Plank Rows (10 each side)
Bicep Curls
Step Ups (10 each leg)
Knee-in Planks (10 each leg)

rest 1-2  minutes

Complete this circuit again for a total of 3 - 5 times depending on your fitness level. If you are just beginning our workouts, just do 3.

Bonus Ab workout
Start in regular plank and rotate to side plank, reverse plank, other side plank and back to front plank every 15 secs and see how long you can go!!!

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