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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shape Up or Ship Out?

Skechers Shape Ups Reviewed
One of the trendiest products in the fitness market today are Skechers Shape-Ups tennis shoes.  This product claims to strengthen muscles, help you lose weight, and increase circulation all at the convenience of lacing them up for your everyday walk.  Sounds too good to be true; that’s because it is!
Skechers took the time to fund some research for their new product.   They released the following conclusion based off of 4 case studies:
“These findings allow us to conclude that a Shape-ups walking program can improve fitness markers such as weight loss, improved body composition and certain muscle strength gains.”
What they didn’t want you to see was the fine print just below the above statement:
“These independent case studies were commissioned by SKECHERS.  Results may vary from person to person.  For the greatest results, walking in Shape-ups should be combined with a proper diet and regular exercise regimen.”  (http://www.skechers.com)
A walking program combined with proper diet and exercise regimen, now there’s a novel idea!  News flash, there is no quick fix to replace regular physical activity and proper nutrition.  These shoes are just another sales ploy to get you to spend $100 on a pair of tennis shoes.  While these shoes do offer joint stability and substantial foot support, we highly recommend you spend your hard earned money on something more valuable and continue to incorporate regular exercise into your daily lives.  

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