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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Workout 15 - Leg crank

Hey everyone!
Are you striving to get some of those last chance workouts in before the "holidays" officially start?  

We know that many of you fitness fanatics have Turkey Trots today so here is something to supplement a cardio workout.
Do a 30 - 60 minute steady-state cardio workout (treadmill, brisk walk outside or your 5K road race)

and then.....
Metabolic Leg Crank (developed by Juan Carlos Santana)

As fast as you can and as many rounds as you can (I can comfortably do 3 in a row but usually end up doing 4 - 5)
24 squats
24 alternating forward stepping lunges
12 squat jumps (that means when you land, you are in the bottom 1/2 of the squat)
24 plyometric lunges (jumping lunges)

It hurts!  But, the more that you do this metabolic training, the easier it gets.  This will really elevate your heart rate.  Try to keep your pace up as well.

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