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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TRX Suspension Trainer Reviewed

One of the best home gym pieces we have ever owned:

The TRX suspension trainer is not a fad like so many exercise tools.  It has been around for several years and is only gaining more popularity.  It is quickly becoming a standard tool in many health clubs across the country.  Many clubs offer specific TRX classes.  Yes, there are THAT many exercises you can do with the TRX that you could take a 60-minute TRX class 3 times per week and not get bored.

The TRX meets the needs of ALL fitness levels.  It fits inside a small gym bag or in the bottom of a stroller.  It can more than triple the library of exercises that can be done in a park.  Sarah uses this piece at the park ALL THE TIME.  So, while the kids are running around the playground, she isn't sitting on some park bench watching. (Sarah goes down the slides in between sets with the kids too...if you were wondering.)  Allison suspends her TRX off the deck (bi-level) and runs stairs in between to keep her heart rate up.  Her abs never forgive her the next day as suspended crunches are a staple in her workouts!

With the suspension trainer you use your body weight for strength building making it just as challenging as heading to the weight room.  But, it doesn't stop there....it can also be added to a cardio circuit to give your heart rate a wake up call.

TRX doesn't hold back on offering tons of tips and advice for using the suspension trainer on their website.  Buyers aren't left in the dark to try and conjure up crazy exercises that they only hope will be useful.

The $180-200 investment is well worth the money!!!  If you sign up to get their emails, they usually send all kinds of promotions and discounts this time of year.
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When you buy, make sure to get the kit with the door anchor for at-home use.

Allison and Sarah are both obsessed with their TRX!  If you've thought about buying this piece, don't wait any longer.

Sarah's favorite exercise with the TRX: the pistol---one leg squat

Allison's favorite exercise with the TRX: suspended crunches

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