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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Don't Be Fooled by Supplements

April Fool's gone and past, don't be the biggest fool at last!  Every Wednesday in April, we will share with you information on being an informed consumer and not falling for health, fitness, and wellness products and/or scams.

Part 1 - Supplements   

Did you know the FDA regulates prescription drugs, but does not regulate supplements (includes vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals, amino acids, concentrate, metabolites or combo of any of these)? That's right, the  products you can buy anytime and anywhere are not regulated.  Under The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994the dietary supplement or dietary ingredient manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that a dietary supplement or ingredient is safe before it is marketed. The FDA is responsible for taking action against any unsafe dietary supplement product after it reaches the market. Generally, manufacturers do not need to register their products with FDA nor get FDA approval before producing or selling dietary supplements.  The manufacturer, packer, or distributor whose name appears on the label of a dietary supplement marketed in the United States is required to submit to FDA all serious adverse event reports associated with use of the dietary supplement in the United States.  

What does this mean?  For starters, any regulation that is done is really only on labeling.  Second, it usually takes adverse effects for the FDA to pull a supplement off the shelf, often after harm has occurred.

Our best advice for you is to become an informed consumer.  Be aware of the following claims:

  • immune system boosters
  • energy enhancers 
  • memory enhancers
  • fat blocking
  • anti-fatigue
Also, be aware of claims that products are "all natural".  Did you know there are "all natural" steroids often used to get the results you seek?

The best way to be aware of what you are consuming is to look up ALL the ingredients in the supplement, shake, drink, etc you are consuming.  For example, if you buy a protein supplement you may be getting extra ingredients or natural ingredients with effect unknown.   Also, be aware of high amounts of caffeine or taurine in weight loss supplements or pills (caffeine consumption should be under 200mg/day).  Finally, be aware of diuretics in weight loss products.  Water loss is not good, permanent weight loss is. 

If a pill claims to give you energy, make your life better, or help you lose weight (there are only 2 FDA approved weight loss drugs on the market) chances are you should skip it.  If only it were that easy...

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