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Monday, April 30, 2012

Workout 78 - Metabolic

Today's workout is a short one but a tough one. 
Prepare to work hard but you will be done quickly.  Move fast!

inchworms (add a push-up if you would like)
sumo squat position, jab(punch) hard and fast
alternating lunges holding hip flexor stretch
clap hands in front and in back

10 push-ups, 1 tuck jump (or squat jump)
9 push-ups, 2 tuck jumps
8 push-ups, 3 tuck jumps
7 push-ups, 4 tuck jumps
6 push-ups, 5 tuck jumps
5 push-ups, 6 tuck jumps
4 push-ups, 7 tuck jumps
3 push-ups, 8 tuck jumps
2 push-ups, 9 tuck jumps
1 push-up,  10 tuck jumps

RECOVER 2 - 3 minutes continue with the next 2 exercises in the same format as above

10 frog jumps (or deep sumo squats), 1 single leg touch down each leg
9 frog jumps, 2 single leg touch downs each leg
8 frog jumps, 3 single leg touch downs each leg
keep going....


Cool down gradually.

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