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Monday, April 16, 2012

Workout 73 - Back in the Swing of things

It's Monday.  I hope you woke up this morning with the your best attitude.  If not, change your thinking now and enjoy the day to its fullest potential.  Think positive and be energetic and GREAT things will come your way. 
Now, time to ROCK your Monday with this workout.

Equipment needed: 1 HEAVY dumbbell

Jog/March in place (or use your space)
Standing Oblique twists
Alternating Lunges with hip flexor stretch hold
Alternating side Lunges holding inner thigh stretch.

1 Min. Plank with hip dips
2 Mins. Frog Jumps - stay low
3 Push-ups - on your toes with great form...there are only 3
4 Dumbbell Swings (use your heaviest weight available)
3 Push-ups
2 Mins. Frog Jumps
1 Min. Plank with hip dips

Rest and Repeat (try for 5 full rounds). 

Do not neglect a gentle cool down.  Gradually decrease your activity until you feel your heart rate has returned to its normal pace.  A cool down is important and will help to increase your fitness levels when you include.

If after your first round you feel that your lower back is sagging on the planks, substitute crunches or bicycle crunches.

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