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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Don't Be Fooled By...Unnecessary Fitness Products

Do you want tighter, more firm abs but don't have time to workout?

But wait...Results may vary...

But wait...diet and exercise are also required.

The above are typical phrases you would see on infomercials or ads selling fitness products.  The top phrase you would see in bold and bright colors, the latter two could be in size 2 font tucked away in the ad somewhere.  Why do companies do this?  The truth is they want your money and they will say anything to persuade you to buy their product.  I know it seems harsh..but they know your vulnerabilities (quick results, lose weight, firm butt, tight abs) and they are pushing your buttons to buy their products!  Doesn't seem fair...

We are here to help!  Here's a test...

Would you buy a pair of these?  

Sauna Pants...Excellent for use in relieving tension or sweating away problem areas.  I hope not...sweating away weight or melting fat is not legit.  Save your $40.  And your sweaty ______.  

Or what about this...would you buy a machine that ONLY worked your abs for $250?  I love AC Slater as much as you do (I was an avid Saved By the Bell watcher in the 90s) but is spending $250 on a machine that only works the abs a good idea?  And don't forget, results may vary AND it should be teamed up with a diet and exercise plan.  Did you see that before you spent your hard earned money?  Oh, and Mario Lopez (aka AC Slater) is being paid to persuade you to buy this product. 

The main goal of our post today is to help you spend YOUR money wisely.  There are legitimate fitness products on the market.  Legitimate products have legitimate research so check it out before you impulse buy.  Look for products that work the entire body, not just one or two body parts (more bang for your buck).  Don't be fooled by the "hot bodies" trying to sell the product.  I'd be surprised if they even use the product!  Finally, if you want to find out about a product, check out consumerreports.org for product reviews and feedback.

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