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Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Fun & Fitness for the Family!

Good Friday to all!  Even though we know Easter Eggs aren't the real reason for the Easter holiday, we are going to put them to good use!  Instead of filling them up with candy and letting the kids hunt them down for a sugar high, try this first (and then they can hunt them for candy)!

You'll need some plastic eggs and some small strips of blank scrap paper you can write on.  On the small pieces of paper, write down the name of an exercise and the number of them you want to do (or time).  Here is an example I used in my Wellness Classes: (if college freshman enjoyed it, young children will love it too!)

Some exercises you can do that would be fun for the whole family (especially the kids) are:
Duck walk, bunny hops, crab walk, inchworms, bear crawl, etc as well as traditional exercises like pushups, squats, jumping jacks (your kids should be familiar with those...we hope!)

I had my students hunt the eggs one student at a time and we did the exercise and then I sent another one out for an egg.  You can do it that way, or have them hunt all the eggs and then do all the exercises inside their eggs one at a time.

It's a fun, rewarding way to exercise for the whole family! 

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