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Thursday, April 12, 2012


A superset is two exercises performed back to back with minimal rest between exercises to increase workout intensity and therefore increase calorie burn!!!  This workout uses different muscle groups so you don't need that rest :)

Equipment Needed:  Dumbbells 

Exercise Demos:  Our YouTube Channel - click here to check it out!

Warm-Up (1 min of each):  Alternating knee raises, Butt kicker run, standing oblique twists, lunge with chest press

Superset # 1
10 plank rows each side
10 squats or squat jumps (for higher intensity)
Repeat 3 times without stopping then rest for 30 secs 

Superset # 2
10 tricep pushups
10 alternating side squats each leg (hold weight to intensify)
Repeat 3 times without stopping then rest for 30 secs                   

Superset # 3
10 squat curls
10 superman planks (each side)
Repeat 3 times without stopping then rest for 30 secs 

Superset # 4
10 plank hip dips
10 quadruped (each side)

Repeat 3 times without stopping 

Cool down by walking around and doing your favorite stretches to relax your muscles

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