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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Post Workout Refueling

A post workout meal is important to aid with recovery and also to provide energy for the rest of your day.  A post workout meal should be more than just putting calories back in your body.  What you feed your body makes a difference.

The post workout meal preferably should be consumed within 30 minutes of your exercise session.
The post workout meal should include both carbohydrates and protein.  Protein will supply amino acids that will aid muscle recovery / re-building.  The carbohydrates will replenish muscle glycogen stores and supply more energy for your future activities.  Eating the protein with the carbohydrates will allow for faster muscle glycogen replacement.
When we say meal it shouldn't be a full on smorgasbord, just a snack.
Warning:  Not all "workouts" warrant a recovery refuel.  The 4 block walk with your dog is great for your heart.  However, you probably won't need a recovery meal afterwards.  Be smart with your how you consume your calories and be sure that your post workout meal fits into your big caloric plan for the day.
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If you know that you won't have access to food within 30 minutes after completing your workout, plan ahead by bringing along a protein shaker and a high quality protein that can easily be "shaken" with water.

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