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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Workout 35 - Draw your cards right

We know, we know, it's play your cards right but better hope you get lucky on the cards you draw to complete this workout.
We're sticking with the Vegas feel this week because it's fun and you don't have to lose any money to win!

a deck of cards

Dynamic Warm-up:

Jog or march - 1 min
Butt kicker run - 1 min
Inch worms - 1 min
Walk on tip toes - 30 sec
Walk on heels - 30 sec

Your workout is about to get interesting.
Randomly, draw 7 cards from the deck (no cheating)
An Ace equals 1.  However, if you drew hearts, double the number on the card with hearts.
Complete the following exercises by adding the numbers on all cards (remember to double any heart cards).  
Rest whenever you would like between exercises.  Try to complete as quickly as possible.

Bicycle crunches
DB swings (heavier dumbbells work better for these)
Plank DB rows (do total number on each arm)
High Knee Run (only count the right knee)
Tuck Jumps (or squat jumps for less intensity)

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