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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Workout 38 - The Accumulator!

Ready to rack up some reps?  The accumulator workout does just what it says...accumulates exercises!  Start with round 1 each time.  Even when you move on to round 2, you must first complete round 1 and then round 2.  When you move on to round 3, you start with round 1, then do round 2 and then do round 3.  10 reps for all exercises.  Take a small break between rounds.  If you don't have weights, substitute a body weight exercise.  At the beginning you may not need much of a break, but by the last few rounds you will be looking for them!  Good luck :)

Warm Up
March or Jog - 1 min
Butt kicker run - 1 min
Standing oblique twists - 1 min
Hand claps (front/back) - 30 secs
Walk on tip toes - 30 secs

Round 1 - 10 bicep curls
Round 2 - 10 squat presses
Round 3 - 10 dips
Round 4 - 10 reclined knee in's
Round 5 - 10 backward lunges (10 each leg)
Round 6 - 10 dumbbell swings
Round 7 - 10 pushups
Round 8 - 10 star jumps - Finish like a superstar!!

Stretch and Done!

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