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Monday, January 2, 2012

Workout 28 - New Workout, New Moves!

We're taking advantage of some of the new exercises posted over the "break".  Check out our YouTube channel if you would like a demo of any of the following exercises.

5 minutes of dynamic warm-ups (see previous workouts if needed)
Complete each circuit, rest, repeat, rest, repeat again, then move onto the next circuit.  Repeat the entire workout 1x if your time allows. :)

Circuit 1:
15 DB plank rows each arm ( I use around a 10lb DB)
30 plyo(jumping) lunges
Repeat 2x

Circuit 2:
Star Jacks 30 seconds
15 squats with DB press overhead
Repeat 2x

Circuit 3:
30 DB swings
30 seconds mountain climbers
Repeat 2x

Repeat ALL circuits 1x

How'd you like this workout?  Post your comments below.

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