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Monday, January 16, 2012

Workout 34 - The Gambler

It's time to have a little fun and gamble during your workout as the intensity of this workout will be based on your luck!  You need one die (go steal one out of the monopoly game) to roll for your interval duration.  What ever number you roll (for example if you roll a 3) add a zero on it and go for 30 secs.  Roll a 1 go for 10 secs...but be careful if you roll a 6 you go for 60 secs!  The rule is...no cheating by re-rolling...the exercise gods will be watching you ;)

Run or Jog in place - 1 min
Walking lunges with a chest press - 1 min
Standing oblique twists - 1 min
Walk around on tip toes - 30 secs
Walk around on heels - 30 secs

2-3 rounds of the following exercises at duration of your roll.  Rest only between rolls and at the end of a round:
Dumbell Swings
Alternating side squats
Bicycle Crunch
Squat Curls
Plank Rows
Jumping Lunges
Tricep Pushups
Hip Dips
Jumping Jacks

Rest and repeat!

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