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Monday, January 30, 2012

Workout 40 - One Step

Warning: You will need a step for this workout.  I have a step into the house from the garage that I will be using.  Hopefully, you have something similar.

Step up and down - 2 minutes (left up, right up, left down, right down, switch at one minute to right foot first)
Inchworms - 1 minute
Side shuffle - 1 minute
clap hands in front and behind - 1 minute

All exercises = 1 minute

  • 180 degree squat jumps - stand with your side to step, start in squat position, jump and turn 180 degrees so that other side is to the step.  Reverse squat jump back to start position. 
  • Decline push-ups (feet on step, hands on floor)
  • Lunges (back foot on step, add jump with front leg for more intensity)
  • Lunges (switch legs)
  • Hip extensions (lie on your back, place both feet on step, push hips up hold for a couple of seconds and then lower to floor)
  • Rest 1 minute (add more rest time if needed)
  • Repeat all exercises in order 3x (4 rounds total)

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